Job seeking in Nairobi is ghastly

Wanted to get opinions on how to get your dream job. Any suggestions?

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There is a huge oversupply of jobseekers in Kenya due to high unemployment so the most likely option is to network you way in the industry you're interested. There are a number of websites and agencies you could look at - most of the websites at the top of Google have free advertising or never remove their ads so you get spam jobs or cons so beware of free job websites or anything with Google ads.

Reliable ones (where advertisers pay and you get good brands) are and if you're in the aid industry then If you're in new media / IT then has a good job board.

CareerConnections is a decent specialist Kenyan expat-friendly search firm. Or try the major accounting firms like PWC and KPMG that have recruitment divisions for top end jobs.

Thanks for the info fishfond. I,ve tried using firms like manpower services but in the end they dont feedback someone.

hi. register your own company and sell your skills to those who need them. i can assist u with that.

Thanks Ashantiz....that sounds like an interesting proposition....

HI, Im from India  and Im looking  for job in kenya    can anyone help me

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