IPA validity


  I need to know how many days of validity IPA Have from the issuing date....!!!!!

You can see in IPA letter, it should have mentioned. Normally, it will give a month, if couldn’t utilise then request for an extension of another one month (which can’t be extended further).

Any charges to extend  dayz.?

Why you bother about any fees! It should be paid by the employer (if any).

I think, no additional fees but need to provide strong rationale why the employee didn’t join in one month time after IPA letter was issued. Fail to provide a valid reason, MoM has rights not to give extension.

My application was approved on March 22nd...I didn't get yet....is there any idea when will get...???? A approximate date....

Ask your employer, employer should guide you.

The employer applied pass on January......is it late? Now moving to April.... last week approved the application... waiting for IPA

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