Moving to Kuwait with 1800KD salary + others

Hi All. Thanks for looking at this thread. Appreciate if you could provide some feedback on my salary package and should it be a good salary to move to Kuwait?

A bit about myself. I have about 6.5 years of experience in technology consulting in Asia. I received an offer from a consulting firm (professional services) in Kuwait to perform similar task.

What is offered?

Salary package
1800 KD monthly salary (all inclusive)
4 months staying in a hotel at the start
Yearly flight tickets for myself, spouse and 2 kids (Cash out)
Insurance all covered

I have done some research here. I think savings is definitely possible. However is this an OK package to move to Kuwait.

It is decent, but pay attention to school fees. How old are your kids? Schools can get very expensive, if you can negotiate with your employer to cover your school fees, it would be  a good offer.

Well. The fact that my kid is 2 years old and i only have 1 child, i might not be thinking of sending him to school yet. but as suggested I would negotiate with the employer for the schooling fees. How much roughly to ask for?

Ah, from the initial post I understood that you have 2 kids. Here is a nice overview of the school fees to give you an idea what are you dealing with: … -2017.html

Thanks Ribosom for the information! It helps a lot

Hi there,

      It seems to be good as you have only one child.. after the four months hotel, you will need to find an apartment. A 2 bedrooms apartment in a good location (lively area with shops, restaurants and supermarkets around) will cost not less than 350K.D monthly. To rent a small car (insured) will cost not less than a 150K.D from a reputable company. Fuel a month varies (approx. 15KD a month for car with a small tank). Can't comment on Groceries as it really depends on what you buy.

Hope it helps!

Thanks Mohamed Boyabes for the information.
I guess I will be taking the offer once negotiated on the child education.

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