Is annual Pay of 650000 DKK good ?

Dear friends,

I am planning to move to copenhagen along with my wife and daughter (1,5 year old) from India.

Could you please suggest:
1. What could be the take home monthly salary if annual gross pay is 650000 DKK including tax ? I have tried to go through the different posts and could not get hold of the danish tax calculation :(
2. What could be approximate monthly expenditure and savings (considering we would still like to travel India for vacation max twice in a year).


Hi AR,

Based on a yearly income of 650,000 kroner, married, spouse no income, one child, living in Gladsaxe municipality, the tax will be 240,000 kroner.

Rent 140,000 kroner, utilities 25,000 kroner, household 60,000 kroner = 225,000 kroner.

Of course, there will be some other expenditures: Commuting, insurance, kindergarten? ..., but still a very good surplus for vacation and saving.

You're welcome back if this answer isn't thoroughly enough.


Thanks for the insight Neillie.
The rent 14000 DKK per month including utilities is too high :O

Waiting lists for apartments are long (yearlong) why newcomers always have to find a newly built apartment, and a new apartment is always = an expensive apartment.

But don't look exclusively at the rent, do take into consideration commuting time and distance as time and transport pass is also money.

You could easly get apartments for 10000 to 12000
You do get health benifits - almost spend nothing for health care for all 3
65k pretax is very good salary in Denmark IMO

Yes. It is infact it is very good.  Get the company to push you to 67K with which you would be eligible for  expat taxation scheme which would be a blanket tax of 32.7%. Else for 67% you would be taxed over 40%

14K with utilities is not right it would be close to 18000 with utilities in the city. If you live away from the city you would pay only 14.  Apartments are tiny, about 900-1200sq ft. But you would get used to it.   Pre schooling is expensive as well you would need to look @ 3-4K Kr as well. Groceries would be 3000-4000 a month. Transportation would be expensive but Trains and buses and connectivity is good.

With two salaries you would be very very comfortable.

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