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Hi all - apologies for my basic question - I'm planning on visiting Bali for the first time in a couple of months when I stop working. I am planning to get a one way ticket and just stay until I think it is time to move on or when my Visa expires
I was thinking of an extendable tourist visa on arrival but have also looked at applying for a 60 day Visa while I am here in the UK
So a couple of questions
- the visa application states it needs my outbound flight details for leaving Indo - which I was not planning to have when I arrive - has anyone applied with just an inbound flight?
- If I arrive at Bali without an outbound flight (as I dont have a plan of when to leave) will this cause issues at immigration - will the let me in  :o  ?
with thx Jonn

Hi John,

This is not an issue of immigration not allowing you into Bali, it is an issue of the airline check-in desk in the UK not allowing you to board the plane without an onward flight out of Indonesia.

I don't know which airline you plan to fly to Bali with, but it is highly likely that they might not allow you to check-in and board the flight to Bali, since you may not enter Bali on a tourist visa without an outward bound flight.

Even with your kind of visa which can be extended a few times up to a maximum stay of about 6 months, you must have an outward flight from Indonesia.  Imagine your disappointment and the complications when the airline tells you this.

An alternative is to buy a cheap ticket with one of the budget airlines in Asia such as Airasia from anywhere in Indonesia to Singapore of Kuala which allows cancellation or at least allows you to change the dates. I say anywhere in Indonesia because immigration and the airlines don't care which airport you depart from. You could check on the Airasia website and find for example that tickets from Jakarta to Kuala Lumpur are really cheap.

It’s pretty much accurate what Abdulkhalil says
I used to get the same traveling from Manchester with emirates (when on VOA) to Singapore even though in Singapore you get 90 day Visa on arrival, I started booking my ticket for the ferry online for Batam as technically you are meant to show an outward bound ticket if asked by immigration if not on certain visas this is for all countries, if your flying to Singapore you should be ok getting a connection to Bali
Get a Chesap ticket for Thailand with the cheapest of the cheap airlines not sure from Bali but for me about £40/60 some ticket websites allow you to book for £1

Yep, you need to show an onward ticket at the airport you are flying from other wise you won't be allowed to board your flight and even if you are, immigration may ask to see the onward ticket on arrival.
As suggested a cheap ticket showing you are planning to leave is needed but do make sure it connects with the visa you get either a pre stamped 60 day or VOA but either 30 or 60 day visas start on the day of arrival regardless if it's 12.01am or 23.59pm arrival time in Bali.

Thanks for your replies guys, i will look for cheap flights out of bali - i might have a few more basic questions over the next month or so  :)

EDIT: Sorry I cannot find a way to delete my post, so I just EDIT it to say I'm sorry, because I just realized that you asked about 30 or 60 day visas, not a SosBud visa :(

All the above is probably always true for a Tourist Visa.
They do make exceptions on a SosBud visa though (the one you can extend up to 6 months).
I have come to Indonesia 3 times with a 1-way flight (on a SosBud visa), using the airlines Etihad & Emirates.

When they asked for my forwarding ticket:
1.) On the Visa-Application form, I explained in words (where you have to write the details of your return-flight), that the visa is to be extended from within Indonesia, and so I have not yet booked a return ticket, and
2.) When asked by Customs at the airport, I gave the same reason.

I'd hate to get you in trouble, but you asked: "has anyone applied with just an inbound flight?"
and I have.

Yes and no.  I got a 2 month visa before I left Canada at the Indonesian Consulate, then told the Airline that I could get into the country because I had my visa.  The airline only cares if you are refused entry and they are stuck with you.  With the new rules not requiring a visa for most countries ,  it is no longer an issue with the airlines.  But already having a visa is a good backup plan.  The Indonesian Consulate also told me, there would be no problem.  Airlines only care if the country you are going to, insists on a ticket out.  I also told all the officials that I would be applying for an extended visa once I was in Indonesia.  So just check with the airline and Indonesian Embassy in your country!

Everytime I have checked in at any international airport to fly back to Indonesia I have had to show either an onward ticket or my visa.

Airlines include:

Lion Air
Air Asia
Singapore Airlines
Malaysian airlinids

From  (but not all)

London Heathrow and Gatwick
Kuala Lumpur

So buy a very cheap ticket showing you are leaving Indonesia with in 2 or 3 weeks of arriving and save yourself any hassle.

Zoe/Dynamoe thx for the advice
Lukereg thanks for the list - I have been looking for a list of airlines so this really helps  :) I do plan on buying a cheap ticket just in case. I'm still in the early stages of planning as I have about 5 weeks before I finish work here in the UK
thx for all the advice guys

Just looked for curiosity Bali-Singapore £40

Logically few people come here to stay forever, illegally.  If you overstay your 30 days, you are fined for each day you stayed illegally .  If you are asked about your stay and tell immigration you have no idea how long you are staying or where, that is a bit suspicious.  If you say between 2 to 4 weeks, holidays, have information or proof where you are staying the first few days, 95% of the time that is sufficient.  Yes, any immigration officer anywhere can ask for a return ticket, but not sure why they would.  And if you already got a 1 or 2 month visa before you arrive, even better.  But now that you can enter on a free, 30 day visa for most countries, they seldom question you on a return ticket.  I am surprised that airlines still want you to have a 2 way ticket, Eva Air didn’t care for me.  The airlines know you can easily get into Indonesia, they don’t really care how or when you leave!

When you do a so called "visa run" to Singapore what exactly do you need to have with you and show at the Indonesian consulate?  I may have to do this soon and have no idea and my sponsor is not good with details.  And I am assuming I would not need a foreword ticket if I am going for a KITAS type visa.

If you are going for a Kitas type visa then you need your telex from immigration which gives approval for your visa stamp before coming back into Indonesia.

I have always used agents to save the headache of paperwork. Try this link for more advice … g-bekommt/

Definitely worth an agent in my view,

First of all, you are not going to the Indonesian embassy, you are going to an immigration agent who does proper paperwork for your agent.  Your agent should tell you where to go and what time.  They should work with their contact in Singapore.  It can be done in one day but you have to be at the agent’s office early and go back late afternoon.  I would suggest you arrive the night before.  You need your passport, 2 photos of yourself and all the paperwork that your agent gives you to take with you.  Too bad you can’t change your agent here, because if you did, you would go back to “square one”.  Once you drop everything off, then you just need to pick it up at the end of the day.  I went the day before, found the place the same day, so I knew where to go the next morning.

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