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Hi. Im a newbee here. Im a nurse from philippines. And i applied as Enrolled Nurse for Singapore. I have passed the interview and the Enrolled Nurse exam last march 2016. But sadly, august 2016 when the agency informed me that the SNB rejected my registration.. can anyone give me some advise on what to do? does anyone here have the same experience? Can i have an appeal at Singapore Nursing Board?Can i still apply as nurse in Singapore? Thabk you in advance.

Usually you can appeal against a rejection, but only within a certain timeframe, which since 2016 is certainly expired.
Thus you should contact the SNB to find out if you can take the exam again.

Hi just wondering. I tried applying on agencies in Philippines. I have almost 11 years work experience but since I'm presently working in Saudi Arabia, they can only offer me a Nursing Aide position. The reason for this is that SNB doesn't accept applicants from Middle East. Is this true?

Elle03 :

The reason for this is that SNB doesn't accept applicants from Middle East. Is this true?

It is generally a good idea to not trust those agents - ask at SNB directly whether they would hire you or not!

Hello, ive worked in ksa for 5 years.. and directly applied to hospitals in sg .. luckily hired by one hospital.. verified by SNB and was scheduled to take the test as RN.
I just noticed, when applying directly to singapore hospitals, the snb registration and the rest of the application process are totally different when you apply thru agency in the phil .
Applying and communicating directly with the hiring hospital is much easier , reliable and won’t cause u alot of money since the things you will need to pay are the snb registration 60$, the exam fee 100$ and ur plane ticket.. 😊

Thanks, Mybernardo, for posting your experience here.
Infact, it is well known that going through employment agents does in the best case not help and in the worst case hinders a lot.

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