Advice please!

Hi everyone,

I am new to this forum and need some advice if at all possible :)

My health hasn't been good this year so myself and my fiancee are currently in the process of buying a house near Malaga (45 minutes north) so that I can spend some of the year away from the stress of London. We actually put an offer in on a house yesterday which was accepted but there is one issue with the house that we are concerned with and need to investigate. Unfortunately due to work constraints and Easter holidays we are unlikely to be able to fly out to Malaga again until the end of April.

Both times when we have visited the house a pack of dogs from the neighbouring house have been barking a lot. The vendors say they rarely bark, only when the owner comes home and feeds them and they put it down to the windy conditions setting them off. That is absolutely fine if it is the case but we need to be sure. I know it probably sounds completely mad but coming from a house in London where I work from home and am constantly bombarded with noisy neighbours, it is not something we want to repeat again, Spain needs to be a tranquil escape from London not a home from home!

The house was very in demand when we viewed it so we have had to put down a deposit to secure it, we are happy to lose that but we do not want to spend £1000's more on surveys and legal work if the house is not suitable.

Does anyone know of a service or person that might be able to do a days worth of work on our behalf? They would need to drive to the property and park up nearby and monitor the noise levels on a non windy, sunny day. It is going to be a really boring job but we are happy to pay someone well for essentially sitting in a car or an olive grove.

Any recommendations or ideas would be hugely appreciated!


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