Being obese in France?

Hello y'all!

As an obese woman who considers France as a possible study destination I wonder if the French people have any prejudices against fat people like me? Should I look somewhere else then? It is known that the French people rarely get fat or at least so I heard... and I expect I will probably be the only fat person in the class.

Also, I am thinking about doing an internship during the studies and even probably looking for a job later (in the field of logistics, transport... just so you know, it's not fashion modelling or tv hosting or something where the looks does matter). Will my extra weight be a disadvantage in the eyes of employers?

I recently stumbled on that book written by Gabrielle Deydier where she describes the agenda against the obese people. I am curious to know if it's really like that... If so, should I give up on going to France and choose a different country with a higher percentage of population being overweight?

In my short stay in France, I've not experienced such discrimination or even heard of people talking about it. I've seen a number of people who look overweight but this will not be the most common sight. As a result, I believe it is more sublimal and limited to individuals rather than France in general. Especially in my city, Lyon, I rarely see any person discriminated because of their size. Most of the time, it will be your own self-projection or assumptions that will separate you from people. Very many people  exercise a LOT and the food is very healthy if you choose to not eat many processed or pre-prepared meals. Hence as a conclusion, I'd say, get to France. By the time you learn French and get to learn people and their culture, you'll be done with your studies and internship. There's a higher chance of not getting a job if you're 'black/african' than if you're overweight.....and very many blacks have very many basically, forget that book and get yourself the opportunity you need. Don't overthink it, it won't happen. But get ready to move a little faster coz the French hate being blocked just like in any other country. That's all I'd say. On the other hand, you could trying asking that question in a group called americans in france on facebook-the group has opinions from other expatriates from US. It would be difficultto get French people in an english speaking group.  Don't quote me though, this is just my subjective opinion.

By the way, you will not be the only obese person in the class.... There exists many overweight people. it's the exception though, not the norm.

thank you for your reply!

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