Blacklisted in Saudia and want to go Bahrain

Hello, I’m Krizzy. I left Saudia last year during the amnesty period hoping that I can still go back legally (that’s what they said) but unfortunately when I was about to get the stamp for my passport from Saudi Embassy in Manila, my agency said I am blacklisted in Saudi and cannot enter again. I runaway from my sponsor because of some misunderstandings specially with the load of works. As far as I know Huroob (runaway) case is my only case in Saudia. I didn’t go to jail and I got my travel papers fast from Jawazat. Now my question is, can I enter Bahrain for work if I’m blacklisted in Saudia? Coz I already have application going to Bahrain but I’m scared now to be heartbroken again if they’ll call me and tell me that I can’t enter Bahrain too. Please help. Thank you.

I would be surprised if you were blacklisted from Bahrain.  Usually, multi-country bans are in case of criminal or serious civil cases.   Let them apply for your Bahrain visa; that is the only way you will know for sure.

The thing is I worry too much. 😭😭😭
Is there any other way to check if Im also blacklisted in Bahrain? Or just wait ‘til I get the visa? 💔

Only real way to check is to approach immigration in their headquarter in Manama on exhibition avenue.  Someone has to physically go there and check.   No other way.  And you can't randomly stroll in and ask for someone - it has to be an employer or a PRO who does it (or you do it for yourself or authorise someone to check).   So basically, in your case, no way except to wait for the visa.

I already have someone working in MOI Bahrain who checked my old and new passport, and he said they didn't find anything. But what I’m worried about is my fingerprints. Im guessing that’s their basis. I’ll be really in a deep agony when Im also blacklisted in Bahrain. Coz my boyfriend is from Saudi and I cant afford to lose him. I wish I can go back to Saudi, but I dont know if there’s any chance to do so.

As I said, I would be surprised if you are blacklisted for a standard Saudi huroob case in bahrain. Apply for visa and hopefully all will be ok. By the way, fingerprints is second line of defence ie the basic black list is on nationality and name.... Finger prints only come into play if someone manipulates documents.  So if there is nothing on the nationality or name, I wouldn't worry.

Thank you Mr.
And hoping for good result.

hi krizzy,   BH kna po ba?

Wala pa. on process pa visa ko and kinakabahan na ako kasi 1000bd binayaran namin para lang madali makaalis.. 😔😩😔😩

ang mahal ng 1000bd.. ano yung visa na knuha mo?

mag aavail din sana ako ng visa pablik ng bh peru d ko alam kung papano.

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Skilled visa

You can get visa and travel to problem

Thank you so much.. im still waiting for the outcome.

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