I need work...

Hey fellow expats,

I've followed the suggestion that fellow expats gave me and checked out the jobs on this website...
The problem is: I,  the only jobs I qualify for are the teaching jobs and they are all in Sao Paulo. If there is anyone in Belo Horizonte that can give me a hand, i could use it.... I spent the entire day sending resumes, as I do every day, to no avail.... I know I sound like a broken record and all but I've been married for three years and unemployed since the beginning of 2017, living in a house where my wife and I are not welcome... at this time, in the name of Jesus Christe, if you can, whoever is reading this, and may be able to lend my wife and I a hand please contact me.

Thank you.

i haven't been to brazil yet, but this website has some information about teaching english in belo horizonte:

http://braziliangringo.com/teaching-eng … il-cities/

damn, i just realized that your post was from march. 

are all the english teaching jobs really in sao paulo?

did you manage to find a job?

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