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As an introduction, i'm Zeesh and live in Taif/Haweya for well over 6 years.
If you have any questions or would like to share information on Taif and its surroundings please comment below.
Its a decent place to live but very different to Jeddah, Riyadh etc, Its Taif!!!
If you need any info on the area message away and ill do my best to answer.

Saudis are welcome to comment as well but the use of the English language is a must as I can not speak Arabic


Zeesh Mir

How long does it take to travel from one side of the city to the other end when there is traffic and when there isn't any traffic?
What is it like for item availability when it comes to shopping for random stuff like electronics, for example, a lot of brands available?

I don't really have any good reason for asking but just curious, as all I hear about that place is that either A* let's go on a trip to a mountain or B* it makes a good weekend trip from Jeddah

It takes approximately 30 mins or more to travel across from one side to the other.
During traffic it can take considerably more time but you just have to plan it well. the best time to travel is during the day as there is no mayhem.
There's plenty of stuff to see and buy, there are 2 malls, Burj Taif (Taif Tower) with a decent food and coffee shop on the top floor which is around 40 floors up. You can see the whole of Taif (Sand and rocks), joke. there is plenty of shopping to do in there to. There is also another new mall, Jurie Mall, located 20 mins from taif tower mall and that is quite good for shopping and food and plenty to buy. Clothing shops like Aldo and zara are all present.
There is a place called Shafa which is about 20-30 mins from Taif, that is quite scenic and a beautiful drive.
Taif has a Zoo and 2-3 decent parks, one is called Radaf park which is decent to sit out with the family and have some Taify Tea and chicken and rice, probably.
There is plenty of kids activities to see and entertain and there are loads of Dababbs (Little Saudi Truck thingys) which are fun.

Which are the places ideal for my 5 year old son?

Depends on what places your looking for?

Play areas...?

Is Burj taif and hearts mall same?

1) The Taif Tower (Burj Taif) is a good place for kids and theres a Sparkys kids play area inside. Theres also kids soft play areas where you drop the kids off and its safe and secure whilst you go shopping.

2) Jourie Mall, it has a Billy Bees kids play area, huge place for kids to have fun and enjoy them selves. And there is a Sparkys kids play area there to.

3) Hokair, Shehar Street, there's a Snowy Forest Kids play area there and a Sparkys place for kids.

4) Al Anood Park, and many other parks and open play areas for kids, and its free. I don't know the names but i know the locations, just look on google maps or message me on 0505733588 and i can pass on the information.

5) Al Radaf Park, that's a nice place especially in the summer to sit outside and there is also a Zoo and Theme park there for kids. The Zoo is not fantastic but its good for Taif.

6) Al Hada area, theres various parks and sit down places and the cable karts and a swimming park at the bottom of it. Its a nice place especially when the visibility is good.

7) Theres a bowling place underneath the Taif Tower (Burj Taif) and other games for kids. 

It all depends on how old the kids are but generally theres a lot to do for all kids of all ages.

The soft play places in Hokair and Jourie charge around 60-70 Sar for kids and they can stay there as long as they like. I believe it is reasonable as it is safe and clean.

The outdoor parks are free to enter and normally have establishments that provide food and its decent and clean.

Look out for the Souk Okaz which occurs once a year and the Taif Rose festival, again once a year but it has just finished.

Hope the info above helps.

If you want cheap toys and a decent walk try the Souks, Old Souks next to Abbas Mosque, thats pretty decent and modernized now, its like Balad in Jeddah (If you have ever been)


Yes Burj Taif, Taif Hearts, Taif Tower, Taif Mall are all the same place but just different names.

Thank you..
Planning to go to souq  near masjid Abdullah bin Abbas today ..insha Allah

Its a nice place you will enjoy it.

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