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Hi my wife and I recently retired taking a gap year in the south pacific and are now deciding what to do next. We lived in Brazil for three years when we were younger but a move from the UK to Portugal looks interesting now. We are making a trip in April to Cascais and would like to tie up with contacts who might be able to help with a move. Our accountant has a local contact in Lisbon which is a start. Does anyone have any recommendations on real estate agents or local expat networks we could arrange to meet.


If you need help for anything related to relocation and real estate I recommend Catherine she is a great house hunter and agent!! Her number ***

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Thanks for the recommendation. Will follow up.

Hi everyone,

[at] Cramptons, please have a look at the recommended professionals in the Real estate in Lisbon section of the business directory.

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Hi Cramptons,
My advice is to first look at the residence status options before looking at any Real Estate agent. I am living in Algarve where there are many British citizens who are very much puzzled about the Brexit and its consequences. I would also highly recommend to contract a lawyer (advogado (a)) to accomplish the numerous formalities (Residency status, purchase of a house/appartment, car registration if any, etc.). Portuguese bureaucracy is such that w/o a lawyer, you'll have a terrible time to overcome the problems. I got everything resolved in 2 months with a great lawyer in Loulé. Of course, being French helped a little bit. As a side note, I also lived in Brazil in the late seventies and then 21 years in the US. International experience obviously helps a great deal.
Good luck


Thanks for the post. Your point about legal advice is a good one and we will follow up. One thing we learned in Brazil was the value of local knowledge in navigating the paperwork. Brexit is a mess causing confusion in so many ways. Sadly the politicians like playing games with each other so I don’t expect clarity for some time yet.

I handle relocations  to Cascais and Lisbon area including  locating real estate for clients within our partnership  which has  local experts in these areas speaking Portuguese,English Italian and French. brandnewlife.pt  if you message me I can send an e mail address to contact me on.

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