Looking for advisors/experts in Thailand

Hello everyone,

Expat.com is the leading community platform dedicated to expatriation that aims to help those who live or wish to live abroad, including Thailand.

We are currently looking for one or more advisors/experts ( volunteers) with a good knowledge about Thailand to help keep the Thailand forum active, and help members in their journey to gather information about their move abroad.

You will join a team who comes from all corners of the world and whose ambition is to share their knowledge of their host country.

So that you have a better idea of ​​the possible missions of an advisor/expert, we have created an introduction page which I invite you to read  :  program Experts.

If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact me in private or post on this thread :)

Thank you in advance for your help and support, I wish you a great day,

Expat.com Team

Hi Priscilla,

I'd be glad to help; im an ex Thailand / Pattaya expat and i keep up to date in regards to Thailand and expats issues while visiting or living there.

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Hello Priscilla, I would be happy to help the community members in case they have any issue.

Hello and Sawasdee khrap,

           I'm living here for 16 years, teaching English for 14, and it would be my pleasure to come up with ideas, solutions, etc..

        Kind regards from Sisaket,

              Mike with family

I just found you on Expat.com and I don't think I qualify as the kind of expert you are looking for.
I was a driving instructor in USA. For two years in the military and, later, three years as a civilian.
When I came to Thailand more than ten years ago I considered starting my own driving school but
when I got my Thai license and the instructor wanted to give me an award for a ten minute test drive -- I think the award was for driving on the proper side of the road -- after I checked the traffic in a few cities and villages -- I dropped the idea.
I am old but I decided to maintain my sanity for a few more years.

I 'm Jib. I 'm Thai and live in On nut Bangkok. I quite interested in your Project.
So can I have more information in your project?

I am living in thailand from 8 years.
I can help

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