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Hi, I applied with a document clearing agency for a visit visa for my fiancée who is a Filipina. The guy said its a sponsored evisa and that the visa would be ready in like 5 days. But i have been waiting for way too long now.

The guy kept saying that around 6000 applications for Filipinos with the immigration are on hold. And so its taking a lotta time. He says that the government is strict nowadays with regard to Filipinos cos most of them used to overstay.

I just wanna know if this is really true. Im kinda worried about these agencies. First of all they charge way too much compared to the evisa charges online and now i gotta wait for so long. I dunno if im being put on.

Do y’all think i should apply by myself online for the evisa? Is there any other alternative? Has any Filipino here on the forum, in the recent days been able to secure an evisa online by themselves or through an agency?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Not Filipino but there is a difference between sponsored and unsponsored visas. 

Unsponsored are more difficult to get and require more documentation.  They are also cheaper by around 10 BD depending on like for like basis by type of visa. For sponsored, an agency will charge another 10-20 BD on top for the already higher price. 

If they have applied for a sponsored visa and its waiting immigration processing, your request for evisa won't be entertained.

I know of some people from Philippines who have recently gotten evisas so not sure how accurate the backlog story is. Can't say.

Thanks for the info. These agencies are charging 300bd for 2 weeks sponsored visa. I paid 100 in advance. Totally absurd compared to the charges online. Is it really that expensive? I’ve been waiting for around a month now. I feel im being scammed.

What do you think i should do? Can i cancel her application and then she can apply online for the “evisa through embassy”? I checked the evisa site and found out that the application can now be processed at the Bahrain Consulate in Manila. The site says that only a photo and passport copy are required. Earlier it was supposed to be done through the embassy in Dubai, Saudi etc. Now its a lot more convenient.

300 BD?? This is too much. I have never heard of these kind of rates. Seems like a scam. Most expensive would be 30-40 BD more on top of normal visa fee, max.

But maybe they are doing it in a shady way ie using someone who has a company to sponsor visa for someone who is not related to that company or any of its employees.  All companies can sponsor visa on behalf of its employees for their families or friends and you only pay visa fee. Travel agents or hotels do the same but you have to book through them.

Yes apply through embassy or find a different legitimate agent.

Oh shucks. Quick question. I had applied for her back in December with an agency. He applied for evisa for her. It got rejected. So I applied with another agency in March. Do you think if her visa gets rejected once, it will affect future applications?

Thanks a lot for your help btw

You are welcome.

I don't think it will affect future applications but you should know that if she is continuing to be rejected for an unsponsored visa then there is no likelihood to bring her on one.  As an example, I have a relative who is a UAE resident on husband sponsorship who can get a visa on arrival if she comes with her sponsor ie husband. Since she wants to travel on her own, she applies for a visa. In the last 4 years, she has never been approved for an unsponsored evisa. We always have to get her a sponsored evisa.

Only option for you would be a sponsored visa or family residence visa once you get married. By the way, hotels can sponsor visas. You might need to stay for some period of time in them though. Definitely cheaper than paying 300 BD for just a visa!

Ah i see. She was actually rejected in December for a sponsored evisa (the agent told me he had submitted his company’s bank statements, dunno how far its true). I will give the unsponsored evisa through embassy a try if i dont get the visa by this week.

True but I dont wanna try through hotels cos i heard those kinda visit visas are not transferable to work visa. I’d hate to see her go back.

So with regards to sponsored visa, can the company i work in sponsor her visa? Is it possible?

Yes they can. If they agree to. It can be a manual or evisa depending on what they are registered for.

Thank you so much for your help. Really appreciate it.

This is out of topic but I applied for a 7 day visit visa to bahrain. I am holding a philippine passport. Is it possible to extend the visa when i get to bahrain? If yes, how much does it cost and hows the process of it?

Most visas, yes.  But you need to go to NPRA offices on exhibition road and check for the cost.

Hi, how long does it take to process sponsored visa for philippine passport holder? And what are the differences between visit visa and tourist visa? Thank you.

Usually tourist visas cannot be converted to work visa, were as a visit visas can be changed to a work visa. You can check your eligibility here:

My visit visa took like 2 months processed. With 3 months validity.

Is it true that it takes a little longer for a woman to process its visa compared to a man? My brother applied my visa last october 2018 and the agency said  they approved my visa last november and i'll wait for half a month to release it but until now they said it's still on the process because the ministry is very strict especially to a single woman. It's been months already and im still waiting.

You'll get the approval soon ,don't worry.  :)

Thank you. I really hope so.

i want to visit my fiance together with our baby in bahrain in just a couple of days or just a week . i dont know whom to ask so im hoping you can suggest what can we do???

I responded on your other thread.  Don't make multiple duplicate posts.

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