Cooking like a local in Denmark


Enjoying the local food of your expat country is great, but learning to cook the dishes yourself is even better. Please share what it's like cooking like a local in Denmark.

What are some of the most popular local dishes that are easy to prepare?

What are the most common ingredients used in dishes in Denmark? Where can you purchase them?

Is there a specific technique or a secret ingredient to master the local cuisine?

Are there resources available to teach you to cook like a local (classes, websites, etc.)?

What are the advantages of learning to prepare local dishes in Denmark?

Thank you for sharing your experience.


Hi thanks for writing about cooking. Atually i am baker. I have No need too much to make. But Mostly i am Barking chiken because it is easy. If you want to move here. You have No promblem for any thing. Because every Living place have own supermarkedet centre. you Can also get help from you tube . There have lot of every recipies. Thanks hope we talk Again  .

I think you should visit some of the cafées, restaurants and so on in Copenhagen. Visit them when they are nearly empty. Most danes love chatting with their guests and I am convinced you'l get plenty of tips here. I am describing some cafés and the famous vets nightsandwich on

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