Would you recommend Shenzhen for a young family ?

Myself and my partner are considering moving to Shenzhen to teach. We feel we need a change and a bit of adventure. However, we are unsure on whether this is a wise move as we have three young daughters. We have a 5,4 and 4 month old and would really appreciate any information or opinions people have about Shenzhen- particularly from those who have moved their with children.

Shenzhen is a very nice city, it has many international schools and kindergartens. I think it’s one of the best cities in Shina. Best of luck!

Thankyou for answering my question. I really appreciate it. I am really excited to do it but nervous about it- particularly as we don't speak the language.

Hello, I think your best bet is to ask advice from the school that you are going to work for.  Shenzhen is a fairly large city.  So it depends on which district you are going to be and how big your paycheck is.

Usually an international school has a designated personnel to help out their international staff.  Later on you have more friends...  Best luck.

Personally I wish I didn't take my young kids to school in China, if I could go back in time.  I'm not saying China is not good.  But it is very confusing to youngsters.  I would rather let them to go to China in more mature age(maybe 15+?).

I have a negative view of the Chinese education system.  My Chinese nieces have 95 students in their first grade class.  Learning is by rote, with loudness emphasized when repeating.  The teacher wants bribes.  Although this seems like a public school, it costs money each term to go to.  But this is in a smaller city of 1 million people.  Not Shenzhen where you may find international schools. 
China places way too much importance on schooling.  Not enough on knowledge outside of school activities. 
The pollution levels shall likely negatively impact your children. 
I am moving my daughter out of there as fast as I can.

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