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Hello sir. Am an Indian citizen working in a private health care facility. I want to know regarding ban in ksa for over stay... 2 yrs before.,( In2016  ).i took visit visa for my mother unfortunately the third month I did renew through my mobile application it didn't renew actually I don't know what happened.. At that time I didn't take print. After 2 days I tried to take print it came visa expired. Then I went jawasat rehab they told me to go deport center they did my mom fingerprints. It renewed for 3 days.. And I renewed again through my absher for one month... She stayed again 3 months here.. Now I want to bring her back  here. My question is she can come again.. ??? Any ban for her??? How i can  know. Any site for checking her status.????

You apply for visa , which is free then check at your country they will inform you

Hi there,
I facing the same problem,I unaware about visa validity,do I need to pay any penalty ? I’m consider 4day delay to renew .. statement already given  to deport Center,they asked me come on Tuesday again,they nvr took any fingerprint for me .

Hi , i'm getting stuck on similar issue currently..need your help..could you please let me know how the issue got resolved.. have you paid any penalty. if so how much you paid..

Sorry late for reply,how many delay to renew ? Have you went to  jawazat? Don’t be panic pls,and don’t listen to any of staff advice coz they dealing every case by case,I paid SAR 500 as penalty and they renew it for me within 1 day.

We are facing the same issue. My extended family has come here on multiple entry visa. It was supposed to be extended by next three months on oct 24th but unfortunately this was not done and penalty was showing as 400 per person and the normal fee for extension 100, together its 500.We made the payment but it was not getting updated and we are advised to fo to jawjad office. Will there be any penalty imposed? If there is anyone who had gone through such case then please advise us ASAP


Go to Jawazat office.  They may levy a penalty on you.  Pay it.  Then you have to leave.

Thanks for your reply on my query. We went to jawazat office and they advised us to go to deport centre, at deport centre they asked us to bring our parents to take the finger prints and they didn’t mention anything about the penalty. Will there be any ban on our parents or would they ask them to leave the kingdom for now?

Oh fingerprints?  Seems like they are going to ban them.

Will the ban be for sure or does it depends on the hubby was not in the kingdom at the time when it was supposed to be done and he thought it could be done online but his sim was locked and he could not do it.As soon as he is back he tried doing it on absheer but it showed as visa got expired then immediately he went to jawazat and deport centre respectively. As we have a genuine reason, will there be any chance of not putting ban on them?

Can you guide me, what happened finally? I am facing the same

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