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Hello new here..
I read every one problem here...some of them same as me..? Being reject by imigresen singapore..?
Didt eveyone know what mean REFUSAL ENTRY AND BANNED ..? what a diferent..? As i know  got banned or blacklist have chop stamping at passport but olny refusal dont have any chop stamping..? Is it still same cant entry singapore..?

The difference between refusal and banned or blacklisted is: In refusal case, the offense is minor and chances are there that you may allow next time once you correct the mistake. However, once you are banned, it happens a travellers does habitual offensive or caught carrying prohibited items. In this case, a ban could Last a year to several years or lifelong.

In general, many cases comes here where during refusal, immigration officer didn’t stamp on their passport.

In that refusal case need to wait few month then can enter singapore or if have IPA from MOM that mean can enter also

If you have IPA letter then show at immigration check point. They should allow you to enter Singapore.

On refusal case, you can write a mail to ICA or call them to know if your case is still open or you can travel to Singapore.

Thanks u for the good advise

Bythe way i hear from some people saying wait till 6month then can go singapore again. It is possible
Any of frends here  succes come to singapore after got refusal entry ..?
After waiting few month or years with out do appeal letter to ICA..?
Please share ..?

There are all kinds of constellations - and an experience from someone else in another (even slightly different) situation will differ from yours.
When you are denied entry, this can (but does not have to) come with a ban on further entries. Such a ban can be for a limited time, or forever, depending on the reasons why you're denied entry.
Even if there's no ban, the immigration officers can see your complete history (incl. that you were denied) when you present your passport at the border, and can then decide on the spot to allow you into the country - or not.
Therefore, if you want to avoid a gamble at the border crossing, you should definitely contact ICA (or your nearest embassy) and clarify the matter in writing, before you travel to Singapore again.


you may try to enter with local sponsor bringing u in. As i was refused entry along with my childrens but when my sg dad take the kids out n talk to the officer, they were given 90 days stamped which is  puzzling as they were supposedly " denied entry" but they didnt received letter like me.

When i applead, i listed the kids passports info but when the letter can back, the only passport mentioned was mine and was rejected. I, however has not try to enter sg

This shows that you are banned, but not the kids.


i received the" denied entry  due to imigration current policy" but when i asked if im banned, i was told no.

We were doing visa runs  every 3 mths

So when can i re enter or applead? how long is banned?

Flyby79 wrote:

So when can i re enter or applead? how long is banned?

I was assuming "denied entry" can also be called "banned from entry". But if you or ICA thinks differently, I take back what I said. Sorry!
You should ask ICA when and under which circumstances you can enter Singapore again. Doing visa runs is NOT a good idea!

I also have the same problem on 15 july 2013 . I go to singapore using ferry at batam. The officer asking me the ktp . I give him and there the different birth date in ktp and my passport. After that i cannot go to singapore. And last page on my passport get stamp with black ink. I also get notice of refusal. And now i want to go back to spore again. Did anyone know if it means i got banned from singapore. How long ? Please help

Always better to check with ICA if your passport is banned (means if you travel then you will be denied to enter).

Once you have clearance through their email permission then travel. Always carry your return ticket and accommodation information with contact number in Singapore (If officer asks the reason then provide a valid reason of your travel to Singapore). Good luck

In addition, please ensure before you go that all your documents are correct. Showing them a document with a different birth date was just stupid: Of course they’ll accuse you of providing false information (after all, one of the dates must be wrong!) and deny you entry!

Can i go back after five year? I asking ica and they didnt give me a reply. Only i must have pr in singapore that can provide the letter. But i dont have the pr in singapore. The stamp is rectangle with saying IMS/CC/XXXX

Did u know what the meaning

Send a reminder, they will reply. Generally, reply is slow but you can wait a week or two.

Please provide your passport information and incident details, in order for them to verify. Good luck

Note: Don’t assume things here, you must have an evidence before you travel. PR or Cotizen is required for sponsorship, but if your passport is banned then a sponsor is no use.

Surya did u know what this stamp mean ?

It could be a warning or fine or ban, that’s why I asked you to check with ICA to make sure you clear all the open cases, if any, before you visit this country again. Good luck

Note: Looking at this stamp, it’s 5yrs old, believe should be fine for you to visit, unless there is an open case still exist.

Ok thank your for your help surya and beppi

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