France or Belgium for work??


I am having 12 years of experience in IT. I am currently on a higher study break and doing Masters in France. Now I have 2 job offers, one in Belgium(Turnhout), one in France(Nice). Both are for the managerial position (job roles almost same)and after calculating the tax slabs in both the countries, I see I will get almost the same net salary/month in both the companies. It will be around 3.5K/month. I am single. So based on the given criteria, which offer do you think will be better for me?

You already did the math. Now it is just a question of comparing what these two cities can offer you and weigh those against your priorities in life. :)

And congratulations for your success in job hunt !


If you want international openings, choose Brussels.

If you want a sunny climate, choose Nice ...

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