Need consultant for work visa or temporary residence

Good Day...

Anyone can help me find a good consultant... 

I want to apply for temporary residency in poland...  But i dont have idea how to...

If anyone can help me...

Thanks a lot...


What's  Eastern Province?
I might have an option for you, depending on wher you are located in Poland...

i currently in Saudi Arabia and planning to migrate in poland..


If you're not yet in Poland, then you'll most likely need a visa to get to it.

Once you have it, you arrive and apply for residence card or residence card with work permit. To apply for work permit you need an employer first, that's how it works. There isn't anything like a universal work permit, it is issued for a particular position at a particular employer. If you find a job offer and they want to hire you, then you win. Application can be then prepared and submitted, and after a few months you should get a positive decision.
I don't know your situation but that's how it looks in general.

Thank you for the informatiotn,,

Unfortunately i still dont have employer and still searching for,

Do you have any idea on how much it will cost on applying for Visa,?

Ok. I think you should start fromm finding a job.

Costs are: agency fee + government fee (390 PLN for procedure of residence card and the card, or 490 PLN with work permit). Agency fee can be different, and their quality is also very different. LEt me know if you need help.

Yes i actually need help... 

I have incquire with some Consolation agency they are asking me 1500 euro for work permit...

Consolation agency? What's that? Avoid anyone who promises you work permit without real work. It is illegal and you will end up with money loss and no permit, and possible deportation or Schengen ban.
It doesn't work this way, to apply for ANY work permit, there has to be a job offer first. No other way. You first find someone who wants to hire you (or they find you) and only then the employer applies for work permit. If someone promiese you anything else, it is very dodgy and you should be very cautious.

Thank you so much... 

The name of the consultation agency is legal baltic...  They said they will make work permit for me... 

Actually i still dont have an employer...  Im checking in some sites but they prefer for those who already in there....  So im trying to check in some agents..

Ok, had a look at the website.
Firs of all, you CAN'T get  work permit without work. Did they promise you any job? No. So it is illegal/impossible, as I wrote before.
Avoid it.
Try to understand, ther is no short cut to the Schengen/EU legalization system, and for those who try to cheat it - they end up illegal sooner or later.

Can i get a work permit whyle i am in Poland with a tourism visa?

But you then need to apply for either a residence card or get a work visa.

I'm from Sri Lanka. How to find an employer from Poland.  I'm interested to work in Poland.

For a proper support it would be great to know your profession or competencies.

Try job websites, such as Glassdoor,, and others.

Thanks for your advices

Dear Mundis,
Thank you very much for your advices and guidence


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I'm a registered nurse from Sri Lanka. How can i get a work permit?

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