Looking for a house with at least 2 hectares in Charente Maritime

Hi there,

I sold my property in Southern France and I'd like to relocate to Charente Maritime with my two horses. I have been looking on the internet but would like to let you know that I am on the market for a house with 2-4 hectares of land. I'd love to be within 30 minutes of La Rochelle but will consider other opportunities. Spread the word......

Hi Tevisbuckles,

Feel free to drop an advert in the Housing in Charente Maritime section of the website so that we can send your ad to members.

Anglophone https://www.expat.com/en/housing/europe … -maritime/
Francophone  https://www.expat.com/fr/immobilier/eur … -maritime/

You may also search on these websites :


Good luck,

Hello and thank you very much for all your suggestions and advice, really appreciate it!

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