An architect from India looking for a job

Hello all,
I am Mansi Bapna, an architect from India. I have been living in Brussels fro 1.5 years now. I got married and came here to stay with my husband. And now we have a beautiful 9 month old boy. I have 5 years of experience in the teaching and architectural design and site supervision in India.

I am fluent in English and now learning Dutch. I am urgently looking for some job opportunities in the field of architecture and/or research in architectural history. Any help would be appreciated.



Usual question: Have you validated your diplomas via the Belgian administrative services?
- If so, do like everyone else, register with ACTIRIS and temporary agencies. You can also start a search via the corporative chamber of architects.
- If no, contact them to quickly start the procedure.

Thank you for your response.
No I haven't yet validated my degrees here. I am new to the process so I didn't know how to start about it. Could you guide me how to do that? Also I have a masters from the UK. Does that also need a validation?
Regarding ACTIRIS: if I am not wrong its an employment agency. Does it have to be this specific agency to get started or it can be any other agency as well?

Any help would be appreciated. … 83&L=1

You must be logical. How would you like to be hired for a well-honed position, if you can not prove the official veracity of your training. Each country has its own system of values in the positioning of the curriculum. Even your English degrees are likely to have to be validated.

ACTIRIS is the state agency for employment in the Brussels region. It is mandatory to register to be recognized as a jobseeker. Potential employers almost always go through this type of organization in order to benefit from tax advantages.

There is also an official organization in Flanders called VDAB.

All other recruitment agencies are private organizations. So registration is done on a voluntary basis without any contractual obligation.

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