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I have a few questions about working visas in Russia. I’m from the US and I work in Moscow. I currently have a working visa that I got with the help of my employer here in Moscow. I teach English here and my employer has sponsored my visa. If I were to stop working for my employer, if I were to resign from my position or if I were fired from my position, would my visa lose its validity? I would like to stay in Russia but I don’t know what my situation would be like if I stopped working for the employer that helped me secure my visa. What would happen if I stopped working for my employer? What would some of my options be?
Has anyone gone through this?
Thank you!

Often employers will only sponsor a visa for 72 hours after an employee leaves. Check your contract.

cancel in 72 hours if sponsor is unhappy with you. Been there, done that. My school visa only had a week left on it and I already had a new visa from a different school and they still cancelled my work visa.

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