Crossroads Christian Academy (Corozal) OR Oxford School (Transimica)

Help, we are moving and in the process of choosing schools.  I have a 5 year old and a 6 year old, the entire schooling system in Panama is complicated!  In any case, to make this short and not repeat the many postings I would like to get feedback on CCA vs. Oxford.

I was received extremely well at CCA but Oxford not so much, I understand they are both good schools but I am interested in not only good education but also for my children to be treated with respect and human values.

Thank you!!!


If you don’t get answers here, try Facebook, the Expats in Panama group. There are families there with kids.


From those two schools I would go with Crossroads.  If money and dealing with traffic was not an issue, I would go with KSIP (Knightsbridge Schools International Panama).

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