looking to expand my network in indonesia

Hi everyone,

Its really nice to chat here with all of you, your sharing is very informative and supportive , I am married from beautiful Indonesian lady and visited Indonesia several times , next time will be in June 2018 and my aim is to make an effort to look for friends who have been their and can give some tips of how to utilize my experience over their by working or even start small business ( nothing in my mind about the type of business i can do), but I am sure that your insights will lead to success.


Hi Mamdouh,

Hope you come. Making business under you wife name easier. If under you name investment cost very high one billion. Look forward to meet you.


The above is correct. Starting your own business would require a PMA, and the things cost an arm and a leg to set up.
A business under your wife's name requires a lot less but has the disadvantage of you not being allowed to work openly.
Lots of people go down this route and, as long as you stay in the back room, no one bothers you.

Thanks Abdullah for your insights

Thanks Fred for your advice

You very welcome Mamdouh

Internet or IPTV its good business in Indonesia

myivander :

Internet or IPTV its good business in Indonesia

Possibly, but not in the cities as those places are well serviced. The smaller towns are ripe for investment but setting up services is very expensive so out of reach for most expats, and I'm unsure if that sort of business would be restricted for foreigners. That'd have to be checked first.

Thank you all for your insights that will be considered in my search.

Tourism and real estate are the two areas which in my opinion continue to hold the best prospects for future economic growth.  While Bali is already saturated with such business, there are a number of other prime locations which currently present excellent opportunities. 

https://www.cntraveler.com/story/places … arent-bali

Excellent post.

Everybody and their grandmothers have heard of Bali, but most have no clue there are a million other places in Indonesia that have a lot to offer.
Apart from Bali (The tourist bits before Roy shouts at me :D ) being infested with drunken tourists and a very seedy drugs trade, way too many people miss out on great holidays because they have no clue where to go. Even Lombok is hardly known when compared to Bali, and the place is lovely.
There's a way undeveloped resort on Sumatra with no phone signal on any network,a great bonus for weary businessmen who need an excuse to be totally invisible from their office for a while.
I've no idea why they don't make a big thing of their radio blackspot to promote tourism for the overworked, but they don't.

Some places I prefer not to go... e.g. Aceh due to the extremist laws there.

I went to Borneo Indonesia which is nice, Matura island to be exact.  It takes a lot to get there but well worth it.  I  posted a pic or two from there.  Very nice quiet relaxing place.

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