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I got a job in Singapore and company applied me for EP 22 of december, salary wise, experience in the industry, good university... all is over the average requirement, i even did self assessment on MOM page but still waiting for EP, the company said as well they don’t have any reaponse. So as i seen in some posts that some people got the EP quite fast, can anyone advise what should i do? Or is anyone in same situation?

There are only two thing you can do: Wait, or cancel your application.
The employer can approach MoM to ask what the status is and why it takes that long - they may or may not get an answer - but this will not speed things up.

I just checked and it shows Rejected... wow is that going to be a big problem? Can company reapply me?

Btw sorry i put it on few places as doing from the phone, my mistake

If it’s rejected then the company can appeal against the rejection. But, as we have mentioned several times in various threads that appealing without any material changes in information or documents in compare to earlier submission is fruitless as MoM won’t change their earlier decision. Or else no need to appeal and search another employer. As you didn’t tell us your salary, job profile and experience details, so unable to tell what could be the possible reason of rejection. Good luck

Hello thank you for your feedback,

Job is for the startup in IT with 60 people but business wise already 4 years present on SEA and very good portfolio, salary is 7000, but on the aplication regarding my previous job we put amount that is quite smaller like 1500$ cause i got paid on two different accounts, i worked in Vietnam hence 2 salaries one in vietnam one offshore,we only presented this vietnam. My university is one of the best in region i come from, experience is working for their competitor which is the biggest in the industry, i worked there as a regional manager for 6 years... not sure if the salary so low stated for the previous company can be the reason?

The minimum salary to get an EP is S$3600/month (fresh graduates) and this goes up with education and work experience. You can find out your personal threshold on the SAT tool (which you said you used before). It is completely impossible to get an EP at S$1500/month or anywhere near that - and MoM won't entertain any excuses like you get part of the pay here and the rest elsewhere.
The company should thus appeal, claim that they did a mistake when entering the salary and correct it to your actual S$7000/month - then you have a chance.

Hello sir,i have one doubt my employer applied for Ep pass on 24-01-2018,but still i checked with application number but still i see no record found,this is my seventh week,still i could wait or what i do next plz reply

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