English requirements of Singapore

hi there
I am an ESL Teacher in Vietnam. One of my students is aiming to move to Singapore later this year for work. He has CEFR B1 certificate in English, and currently studying IELTS to obtain 5.5 level before his move abroad.
As English is one of the recognised languages in the city/country, will a level of 5.5 be satisfactory to start work and survive?
Any thoughts in this area would be always appreciated.

To work as a teacher, you must have an educational university degree recognised by the Singapore Ministry of Education (MoE).

For job opportunities, visit MoE website or websites of private (international) schools for more information. Good luck.

Note: It will be really tough for people who are NOT from native English speaking countries come here and work as an ESL teacher as here almost all kids speak English fluently.

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