Opening a small Shop in Indonesia

Hi Guys,

I want to know how much it cost me to open a small grocery like shop in indonesia as i intend to live there , Thanks a lot

Unless you're married to an Indonesian and put it in their name, you can't do so legally.
Even if the above is the case, you can't work openly in the front of the shop as you'd never get a work permit to do so.

Indonesia might not be the country to try something like this. A lot of foreigners seem to be interested in starting a business in Malaysia which might be a little easier.

Another small shop is exactly what isn't needed as there are too many of them already. Try seeing what the localarket actually needs and create a business for that.

Perhaps you could consider making a partnership with a local person and import products from your country into Indonesia and either wholesale or retail them. Or consider exporting Indonesian products to where you live.

You could also purchase a franchise such as English First. About 15 years ago I saw an EF franchise being offered at Rp100 million in Jakarta but I wasn't interested at the time. Obviously nowadays it would cost you heck of a lot more, plus you need to invest a billion rupiah to set up a business.

Indonesia is not easy. Malaysia might be easier and cheaper to set up a business.

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