Best way to rent an apartment

My wife and two young kids are going to be living in Cuenca for a year starting in August. We're looking for a year long lease of a furnished apartment, probably west of Centro. I see there are some apartments on Craigslist, as well as some listings on and other forum sites, but to me these seem like they are sort of fancy, made for norteamericanos. Is it better to air bnb for a week or so, and look locally, to find more options? I read that one way is walking the neighborhood of preference and look for for rent signs in windows? Is there a local (spanish language site, probably) site that offers classified?


AirBnB is always a good idea especially with a family because the alternative is a hotel which can be costly speaking from experience. 

Once you are situated in a temporary apartment (or hotel), target the area you are interested in and see if you can find an apartment for rent. If not search olx, although you will mostly deal with freelance real-estate agents but there is nothing wrong with that because the landlord will pay them their commission. Good luck.

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