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Hi. I recently got married about 2 months ago.Im currently living in Bangalore, India. Is it mandatory to have my husband’s name endorsed in my passport for him to apply for a Visit visa. Also what are the requirements and formalities for the same.
Your help will be appreciated.
Thank you.

Hello Dear....

Are you working in KSA..kindly let us know full details of your problem and status

No, m not workin neither am i a resident in Ksa. My husband I working in Riyadh n i wish to join him on visit visa.

Hello Dear..

So, your husband has to take a visit visa for you from KSA...he should be able to sponsor you for visa.

Stamp your visiting visa from any of recognized agency & also  attest your marriage certificate from saudi embassy and translate it in arabic. Then you take ticket and come to KSa..

It is very easy to have visit visa once you have partner in KSA . The only best answers resource is the Saudi Embassy in India.. you can check their website as well … fault.aspx

In general you don't need to put your husband name in passport , but you will have to have two important things :

1- Attested Copy of Marriage Certificate
2- Visa letter which issued by MOFA.GOV.SA which can you husband apply for it easily .
3- Have good day ma'am

I would like to know the process of applying and documents required by a female nurse who is sponsored by ministry of health for a visit visa and wants to bring her 18 year old daughter just for a visit for the first time and her husband lives in India. The sponsor would be ministry of health as she is hired to work in Saudi by MOH. Kindly provide the details as of how to apply the visa, documents required for applying, attestations required etc.
Thank you.

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