Moving to Ireland

Hi you guys,
Help!!! Where do we start?
Moving to Ireland, getting a job and a place to stay? I believe that no visa is required for Ireland from SA, if you fly direct!

Please if anybody can assist us, much appreciated.

Hi Andrew,

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Indeed, South Africans citizens do not need a visa to travel to Ireland but a work permit will be required if you intend to work during your stay :

*Visa exemptions are based on your nationality and the purpose of your visit.

You can learn more about the different types of work visas from this article : Work visas for Ireland

Please check the Ineligible Categories of Employment for Employment Permits also : … mployment/

I also suggest you to go through the other articles of the Living in Ireland guide to gather more information.

All the best


Thanks will go check it out

Hi Christopher after reading through the links you send I'm worried, is there anything left that potential immigrant can do for employment?

The reason for me asking is as follows:
My soon to be wife is a PA to the MD with a Office Administration Diploma and is eligible for an UK  ancestral visa, but in the Ineligible list it states:
4151 Sales administrators
4159 Other administrative occupations not elsewhere classified
4215 Personal assistants and other secretaries
4216 Receptionists
Which is pretty much all her experience

I on the other hand am the Head of three departments in our manufacturing Group, Costing, Procurement and QMS. I have a Financial Accounting Diploma as well as all the QMS Certificates from The British Standard Institute, so nothing really skilled or special, but in the Ineligible list it states:
4124 Finance officers
4129 Other financial administrative occupations
1259 Other managers in other services not elsewhere classified (includes , production manager)
3122 Draughtspersons
3565 Inspectors of standards and regulations
Is there anything that i can search for employment with my current experience?

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