Resident permit in Sweden if you already live with a Swedish partner

Hi all,

I am going to apply for my personummer and I need clarification on what I need.

I will be employed by a company so I have read I need my passport, marraige certifcate (I am unmarried so don't need this) and an employment certificate signed by myself and the employer with various details about the employment.

Does anyone know if I also need a resident permit? I already live with my Swedish boyfriend and I am an EU member so I do not know if this is necessary.

Secondly - is there a specific employment certificate online or something which I need or do they vary from company to company?

Many thanks,

Hi Natasha,

All you need is a contract of employment. If you are not already employed then a letter from your intended employer stating details of job offer will suffice.
As an EU national you do not need to ask for a resident permit as you are entitled to live and work in Sweden. You will need details of where you and your partner live.



Thanks so much Myrtle - that's great to know.
Hopefully I will be able to get one soon :)

You will get one soon! Don’t worry be happy  ;)  :P

If you as a spouse of Swedish husband have received an EU Resident card then is enough. You don't need a job to live in Sweden. All you need now is a personal nr. Which you might have already received at the skatteverket.

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