Getting Married In Brazil

Hi there,

I am looking for some advice as to the best way to go about marring my fiancé who is Brazilian – once option we are considering is getting married in Brazil and I’m wondering how easy or hard this is. The situation is as follows:

- I am UK citizen.

- My fiancé is Brazilian citizen currently married to a EU national with visa dependant on her marital status. She is currently in the process of divorce and, all going to plan, will get her decree absolute on or around June 2018. She has been estranged from her husband for four years and her current visa will run out in November 2018

- We are in a proper relationship and have been together for over three years

Our plan is to get married as soon as possible after the decree absolute and we are wondering what is the best way of going about this given that presumably, as soon as the decree absolute is granted, she will lose her right to reside (and work) in the UK.

Will she need to leave the UK immediately after her divorce and obtain a fiancé visa to come back for us to get married in the UK or will she be able to remain in the UK long enough for us to get married and then return to Brazil to apply for a spouse visa? Another option is for use to get married in Brazil?

Our main priority is to be apart for the minimum amount of time when she has to return to Brazil and for her to resume working within the UK as soon as possible

Just looking for some pointers - cheers

Especially since your plan is to live in the UK, there's every reason to avoid the complications of a marriage in Brazil, with all the translations and paperwork that entails.
A British immigration lawyer will be able to give you reliable answers for all your questions, and quite possibly know how to arrange for your fiancée not to need to leave the UK at all.
Good luck!

I agree with abthree, based in your future plans, it is advisable for you to get married in the UK itself.

Furthermore in my opinion the process of getting married in the UK would be a lot more easier.

É imprescindível a cópia impressa do visto para obter um visto de visitante para o Brasil?
Is hardcopy of invitation letter for visa needed to obtain a visitor visa for Brazil?



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