Looking for a room in Amsterdam for periodic use


My wife and I are big Amsterdam-Fans. We we're there for over 10 times already. We are from Essen (Germany), which is not too far away.

Amsterdam is getting more and more expensive and we are searching for a permanently solution. So: We are searching for a (small) Room for us to stay in Amsterdam at some Weekends in the year.

I thought: Maybe its possible to know someone, where we can go every time we are in Amsterdam? And maybe we can do it with like "helping each other" instead of money?

I don't know, is it poossible? So here is what we can offer:

- obviously a Room in Essen ;) 80qm, 5min with train to the city center
- Photography: I can do Photography Work for almost any purpose ...
- Webdesign / Webadmin ... maybe for your business?
- Music: I'm making music for 20 years no, so I can compose, wirte and produce almost any kind of music for you
- video: I can produce videos like documentary, music videos, shortfilms ...
- Teach you something: I'm a social worker and a DIY guy with a lot of interests. I can teach you things like the above (webdesign, music: guitar, bass, drums, percussion, videoproduction, soundproduction, presentation-technics, project-management, social media, windows / macOS

So, I absolutely have no idea if this is kinf of "realistic" ... here in Essen, I have such a "deal": I have an own key for a sound-studio, that I can use for free. And for that I do all the photo, video and web stuff for the studio. It's like a "win/win situation" ;-)

So maybe we find someone, who is interested? Feel free to mail me: ***

And of course we can meet in person before we do a deal: We are back in Amsterdam in June!

Thank you!

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