employer voiding the contract

hi, im working here in,bahrain for 1month and 7days, my employer wants us to work in our rest day just like normal day, we are working 7days a week, our lunch breaks depend on the customer calls, we are working as an oncall cleaner, we usually have 15-20mins of breaks then go out for duty again, sometimes we work 10h 4 times a week, as I said,with no rest day, I want to resign in my work the go back to my country..my local agency said we have 3months to decide if we wanted to go back or stay, I wanted to tell my employer before the probation month ends, im thinking if my employer will shoulder our expanses when we go back in our country or we will be the one to pay our plane ticket..
please help me, because our agency cant help us thankyou


Sorry to hear about our unfortunate situation, but it will be as per the contract. If contract does not mention unfortunately you will have to bare the charges. You can try approaching your embassy and explain them the situation.


the contract says we should have 1day off per week,and that we should only work for 6days only..my employer and I talk about it but he only promises us that they will give us a rest day but so far,all those promises are broken, we dont get to rest,even if its 4pm they will get you to work 4h..then work again tomorrow..I just want to go home..me and my co workers wanted to go home..we just concern about who will shoulder our expanses when we go home..

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