Looking for Pet Friendly Apartment in Guadalajara

My wife and I are visiting Mexico with our small dog.
Looking for Pet Friendly Apartment in Guadalajara for 1 Month Starting Mar 15, 2018.
Have vacationed before from Canada but this time we drove so that we can visit several areas in hope of spending future winters here doing the same.

We drove down from Vancouver Island, Canada and arrived late January in Puerto Vallarta area.
Since then we have spent some time at Sayulita, Manzanillo and have now arrived in Guadalajara.

Have rented a place for 4 days so that we can check places personally before booking for a month.

From what I can see renting through airbnb or similar websites, there are large website commissions and most of the rentals are high end and intended for short term visitors.

We would like help in finding a pet friendly accommodation in Guadalajara with private bed/bath and a kitchen that may be shared or not. Our budget is 5,000 to 6,000 pesos per month if possible.

A Mexican style home is very fine with us as the last month in Manzanillo was in a Mexican house.

How do expats find long term housing without using airbnb?
Assume local connections from expats and newspapers.

I know that we are approaching the holiday period starting end of March so that we may need to go out of town for short period.

We have 4 days to research locally but any help would be appreciated.

Ray & Lina

I'd say GDL is pet friendly.  The worst scenario is to have to leave a deposit. 

5 or 6k is plenty for rent.    To the hotel: Tell the taxi to take you to Los Cubos.  Don't go with his recommendation, it'll cost you more.

There are plenty of good hotels there and about and it isn't quite in downtown and a hub for just about everything. 

My personal favorite neighborhood for long term living is called, La Estanza.  It's in Zapopan near a shopping center called, Gallerias.  But for a clean quiet lovely residential district close but not in GDL it's tops.  I worked there at an English academy within a large home.  Beautiful place, 15-foot walls in the livingroom, 6 bedrooms, patios front and back, huge kitchen, automatic front door openers.   8000 a month.  But there are plenty in your price range.

Thanks for info.
Cannot find GDL on computer, is it short for something or maybe it is not listed.

What is best method to find those in our price range?


Sorry that I am not used to area terminology.
Have been looking around and what I thought was residents is actually small hotels.

I am in Los Cubos area now checking around.

Is GDL a rental company managing some hotels?
Is there a way to check which ones of these are available to rent?

Thank You

GDL is Guadalajara.  You should fee a freeway bridge and a very tall building, white with red letters.  That's a good one.  Or cheaper those on the service road leading up to that cube sculpture.

Thank you

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