Buying a 7 seater car issue

Until about 2 months ago buying a 7 seater was pretty straightforward, just show proof of 5 dependents and boom its done. However since last week all car dealers in Dammam have refused to transfer to foreigners and I've been trying ever since but no luck.

There are no reason for them to refuse the transfer .. Transfer can be done online in Absher account for them

You will need to look for honest car dealer there .. in fact I don't know why they are doing that to you !

True, but u know these ....

lol .. if you were in Riyadh I'd help you getting this done very soon my friend

Thanks man

Just spent the whole day at Dammam traffic office and the colonel, the guy who needs to give permission is a xenophobe and doesn't believe foreigners shud drive big vehicles.

wow man ! no wonder ,!

As long as you have fulfilled the conditions to have big vehicles , there are no way he must reject it !

What is your vehicle?

It's an expedition, but live in jubail so gonna try this weekend to do it in jubail

It is really unfair to make it hard for you ...As long as you have family they must accept it so fast ! Maybe in Jubail more easier and understandable for expats

Exactly, even my wife went in and this  colonel refused to speak to anyone.

Ok, just to update. I did it in Jubail and all they requested was a permission form from the traffic office and bam! it's done. So it seems Dammam was the problem.

Good news ! yes it seems too .. Congrats and enjoy your car with your family .. and if you would like to have nice trip just pass by Riyadh I will be happy to help

Thanx man

Good morning i live in Dammam i m single pilot working in airline. I want to buy a q7 audi 7 seats but the car dealers told me they cant make the transfer unless i get permission from traffic police. Can you pleqse give me details whqt should i do? Is it possible to refuse me jn the traffic police? Thank you

Most likely they'll refuse. The rule was you'll not get a 7 seats car if you've less than 5 dependents, later they changed the rule again that you'll have a 7 seats car for all cases except if you've Saudi green card membership (which is new system they're thinking to start with but not yet). 

But, you should try they may accept if they saw you're in good position not to use the car in commercial ways or you need to find a Saudi guy who knows how to finalize it.

Thank you for your accurate and quick response...i ll give it a shot...although really i dont find a reason...i m not an uber driver...just airplane driver 😂

At the end, it's the same a DRIVER :D

Nothing is sense here :D

Wish you the best

If you don't have independents here , they won't give it to you ..unless there is wasta lol

Guys, please kindly advice. I want to buy a 7 seater car from another person, do I need to get this permit from the traffic as well before he transfers to me?
Is there any charge for the permit or its free.

Yes you have to have permit before transfer.. it doesnt work like that..

I did it...few days ago...i m based in me if you want more details.

Thanks, Anthonio.
Can I get the permit before finding the SUV or I'll need to include the details/ information of the SUV before I get the permit?
What I mean is, do I go ahead to the traffic to apply first before I find the car to buy since I already have in mind to get a 7 seater?

How to get this permit? Where to go? What’s the procedure. I have 2 kids under me. My wife on separate work visa and She has a maid as dependent. That makes 5 in total. Will that count??

Antonis1207 :

I did it...few days ago...i m based in me if you want more details.

Please elaborate the procedure. Do you have 5 dependent’s under you?

Hi Kashif,

I am Muzaffar from Khobar. I am facing problem while transferring a 7 seater to my name, do you have phone number of an agent who can do it? or if I should go to maroor myself and talk to them?

please guide me



I have imported a car which is seven seater. I have a family of 4 members. Can anyone help me with this transfer.

Im in riyadh and having the same issue... plz advice...

Im in riyadh and having the same issue... plz advice...

i am an expat living in Riyadh. I visited a showroom to get an SUV & they told me i can book vehicle but i need to produce approval before it can be handed over ..they told me to get approval letter from your employer, get it attested from chamber of commerce & then visit morror/traffic police. If police grants you approval, then they will deliver me the SUV. else they will return me my money after deducting transportaiton charges.
I am not sure what type of letter they want & how to proceed with it. Can some one share his experience

In most cases, the dealers can get it processed for you on your behalf. As an expat you need to get approval for buying SUV which is obtained from Traffic police. If dealer is not doing it for you, you can visit the traffic police office in your area and apply for that. Additionally, you have to prove that you have more than 5 family members if you’re buying 7 seater SUV.


I need to get this letter. Can u advise from maroor office in Riyadh I can get.


I want a buy a SUV but the bank said to get the approval from the traffic police. How to initiate the process. We are a family of 4 please help


Bro I am single and want to transfer SUV on my name.  Based in Riyadh. Need your help

I would like to know if I have to take Police approval to buy a RAV4 SUV which has 5 seats ?

I am also interested in buying a seven seater. But have only three iqamas (including myself). Is there anyway??

Hi, I need to get letter from traffic department in order to apply for car loan for a 7 seater car. What is the procedure. Can anyone assist ?

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