Working in the Congo

Hi I'm Frans Dekker and I come from KZN and a BIG Sharks supporter.
Working in the Congo is not for sissies you must earn enough money to support two families as everywhere you go and get stopped by the police or traffic cops you must pay a bribe. This has happened to me a couple of times before BUT I've learned not to pay bribes and act stupid because if you have to pay bribes every time you are stopped you will not have money to send home.
I'm a mechanical fitter by trade and I work in Likasi. I have 30 years experience in the crushing and screening department and would like to get a permanent job in the Congo.
Please if any offers send an email to my email address at ***

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Hi there

Not always you have to bribe them,if you know French language you can manage to make them understand and every country requires some documents and formalties to work,so try to complete it rather then paying them

Any difficulties call me or write me,I will try to guide you


You can have all the documents you want they will find something wrong. I was stopped 3 days ago by the traffic guys first they wanted my license which I gave them then they wanted the triangle I showed them then they wanted my medical bag which I showed them then the fire extinguisher which I showed them again then they wanted a tow rope then I told them to piss off. I had to phone someone to come and help me which he did and I asked him what was the problem and he said there is no problem I can go. The guy that was in charge was wearing sloppy clothes and he said d\he was in charge and smelled heavy of liquor. It is so corrupt here you can't believe it. I worked in Malaysia for a while and what a pleasure never harassed never been stopped and I will go back there anytime.

Hello brother

Corruption is everywhere,somewhere it is openly somewhere hidden and every individual is giving bribes or some sort of corruption in life,so be cool and learn the language and enjoy ,but it's your life where ever you want to go you can ...

All the best


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