Compliance field in Mauritius

Hello everyone !

I am new to this website, so I hope that I won't talk about a topic already discussed :)

To briefly explain my situation, my boyfriend signed a 2 year contract in Mauritius (a VIE contract) and I would like to join him.

I am currently living in Paris, working as a junior Financial compliance officer, and I would like to know if this field was accessible in Mauritius for a junior like me.
I would not mind working in another field, more or less related to what I am doing.
I have already applied to maaaaany job offers.
I had a positive feedback, but unfortunately, the company was not able to provide the paperwork necessary for a foreigner. To be honest, I felt quite discouraged after that.

So if someone could give me some advices regarding the compliance/banking sector in Mauritius, I would be more than grateful !

Thank you so much,


There are opportunities in compliance, but most companies won't want to go through the procedures to get a work permit for a foreigner unfortunately. To get one you'd need to be earning a relatively high salary as well, something you would not approach as a junior.

Sorry to be a downer but it's a bit difficult.

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