In France, to retire gracefully ... really ?

My husband Glyn and I (I'm Jean, the feminine sort !), migrated to France (Limousin - Creuse) from England, in September 2012. We bought a small house with a great view, and not too near to a town, for our future quiet life, growing our own food and relaxing. We made great friends through an English library in a nearby town, which was a bit of a social hub, for people living nearby, which gave us opportunities to get out and about with them to various events and cities.
We had a few modifications to the house to bring it up to scratch with kitchen and electrics, and early on, there was a pretty reasonable exchange rate for our income coming from England.
Then the British referendum came along, and since then our income has taken quite a dive, due to the hit on the British Pound. It has certainly affected our lifestyle here in France.
In order to increase his interests, Glyn decided he would have a go at giving art lessons at the library. He has had great success, and people here who were looking for a relaxing hobby, have really got into it; in a very big way ! They can't leave it alone now ! So their creative juices have been flowing very well.
Now Glyn has decided to branch out with some friends of ours, who have a guest house. He is now offering 6 day art courses, and day courses, at the guest house, which is a great way for anyone to get into art or to reignite their passion for art. The guesthouse is near to Crozant, which is a painters paradise, so we have great hopes for this new venture.

I on the other hand, have spent time setting up the website for the venture, and I have enjoyed the challenge, as it was something I always wanted to do, as I always had a career in computers from the 1970's when I worked on huge computers at a large bank in England. How things have changed in the world of computers over the last 40 years ! I'm still a bit addicted, and I never thought I would be, but life is so dependent upon them now. So anyway, it's time for getting my garden back into shape for the coming season, of tomatoes, lettuces, green beans and courgettes ! Oh, and a few grapes and strawberries !
We absolutely love it here, even on a tight budget ....   :0)

really lovely to hear your story - we moved to the Dordogne some 16 months ago and we also absolutely love living in France even though we have had face some rather unexpected Tax bills. Good luck

Hi Jean,
Would you share your website? I like to paint, and also explore all aspects of France.

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