Thais helping with Visas buying car etc

I have seen many posts of Thai people helping with accommodation etc on this forum.

Why do the Thai people not offer their help(Language difference) with helping buying cars, motorcycles or any other services where there could be a language complication. I would surely pay someone to help me when I get there.

Just think its a good job opportunity.(With a good amount of Thai positivity!)

Any Thai people thinking about doing something like that?

There are some retirement websites, usually setup by a farang husband and Thai wife.  I am not convinced they make any money, though.  Things are just not that difficult and those who really need the help are unable or unwilling to pay.  Commissions on housing might be worth it but on small ticket items it just isn't worth the time or effort.

Over the years I have heard many people come up with ideas of catering to farang customers and most fail badly.  If you don't have something Thais want there is very little chance of making it.

I am not suggesting beginning a business with a Thai person. I am thinking of Thai people that maybe want to make a few extra bucks on the side line. I will surely use such a person.

Most people have a wife, girlfriend or some other acquaintance who performs that function.

In my case My wife is not Thai, and I could use such a person. We have some friends in Phuket, but that is not where we want to settle.

Not everyone comes to Thailand to find a Thai wife.

I guess the reason there's not more Thais on this forum is because 2 reasons. First, it is an expat forum and second, it's against the forum rules to be offering services for money or solciting for money. There are some tabs at top of page you can click on to look for jobs and other services. There are many Thai companies that can help with visas, marriage and other services. I've used Express Translations near the U.S. embassy before, excellent price and service. Just have to Google and many will pop up. As for asking Thais off the street for help, better stick with reputable companies.

You can see how many people each week are looking for help finding a job on this forum. They don't bother to look in the job section. You can't stop them from posting, just have to ignore. This is not jobs forum.

Anyone have something positive to say? :)

And by the way there are many Thais on this website. Google it! :) :)

I don't need to goggle it... I'm not the one looking for help... and I did offer some constructive advice..

Check with a business that does document translations and see if they can provide someone to assist you for a fee.

I have never had problems at larger businesses buying cars, motorcycles, TV's and even room air conditioners by myself because they always seem to have someone that speaks sufficient English to help with transaction.  The smaller shops are not so easy.

I did use a Thai guy to just give a motor a once over before the purchase. He is/was my taxi guy and I knew he looked after his car as his livelyhood depended on it.  He did not want to be responsible for it to be honest and was reluctant but I just wanted his eyes on it.  It was a great experience to be honest as we had to look far and wide for my Mrs first car. I got the impression after visiting the first 10 dealers that she thought I was pulling her leg. After those first 10 visits I was fairly tuned up in spotting water damage where it should not be etc. I made this point to her she goes on youtube and suddenly in all the next visits she was all over it and saying no to every car we inspected. Have since purchased a 2nd car from same dealer and very happy with it touch wood!

Seems like a long time ago but it was only June 2016. Been a busy time.

Thank you for the help guys! :)

There is a business specifically for helping Expats adjust in Northern Thailand

( "Chiang Mai Buddy" )

Although their services cater specifically to the Chiang Mai area, this business could possibly point you in the direction for similar services in other regions.

Thank you! :)

this organization also posted helpful information, instructions and advice that can be applied to other aspects and living in Chiang Mai, that can be applied in other areas in Thailand.

To start with I haven't read everything on this stream, some of my comments would be relative to what I do understand.

In Chiang Mai there is an expat auto dealership for used cars. They do buy cars and sell them as well. It would appear that they do a thorough job when it comes to checking out the car. But, from my impression, they operate like any used car dealership. They buy on the low side and sell on the high side. Again that's my impression. With my limited knowledge it seems like the used car business is the same world wide.

From a different facet, it seems that buying a new car is much more affordable in Thailand then buying a used car. Looking at differences sources used car prices can be close to new car prices.

What is this forum coming to?  People are either reading and not posting or posting and not reading.  If this keeps up I will be neither posting nor reading. :/


This first time checking the forum in a week. Nothing has changed much. Will check back in a month... Take care...

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