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I am in Jakarta now and need to learn Bahasa. Can anyone recommend a good place to learn?


hi mrlawrenzo1,

u canb visit the website for learn bahasa indonesia :

Hi mrlawrenzo1,

I invite you to have a look at the Jakarta classifieds section. You can also post an ad.

Good luck,

Or do like I am doing and talk to people.  It is amazing the words and phrases you will pick up just from talking to locals that you  will not get in a formal setting.  Ex: keren means cool and now I use it a lot because I always say cool in California.  Talk to people especially college students.

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I would like to offer you Bahasa Indonesia lesson. I am experienced more that three years in teaching Bahasa Indonesia for business and conversational purpose. And also I introduce Indonesian cultural facts, myth and life-style which is very interesting

Are you interested?

Thanks but already sorted Indonesian lessons. Thanks

Thank you for replying.

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Just be more active in this forum sir, I think so many Indonesian would like to have conversation with you.
The best learn is by having daily conversation. Semangat!

hi mrlawrenzo1

I can be your partner to practice conversation. :)

Hi thx u for accepting  me hope u ok

Hi thank u I hv lot to talk about

Hi there, perhaps i can help you learn in Bahasa, please text me to my WA +**, and my name is Tina :)

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Hi im rebecca... If u still looking for bhs indonesia teacher... Im willing to help. Thanks. Whatsapp me****

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