Telecommunications in Jordan

Hello dear Members,

Can you please list some of the main Internet Service providers in Jordan? You may also include the cost related to their Internet subscription.

Another issue related to the telecommunication topic, is mobile plans. Can you please share with us:
>With which operator are you subscribed to?
>How are you finding their services?
>What kind of facilities do they offer?

Lastly, what is the best option according to you to make long distance calls in Jordan?

Your views/suggestions will be highly valued.

Wish you all a great day & thanks you in advance for your participation.
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the main internet service providers are orange,zain and umniah
orange prices are between 15 and 35 monthly and 150 to 350 yearly. the speed is between 128kbps and 8mbps
their website :

zain prices are between 14 and 80 monthly and 140 to 800 yearly. the speed is between 128kbps and 8mbps
their website :

umniah prices are between 150 and 550 and the speed is between 256kbps and 8mbps
their website :

i currently use a 2mbps from orange for 30 jds a month.
it is very good and i get unlimited download after midnight.

about mobiles
the providers are umnia,orange and zain
zain and umniah i think have most of the market share and orange is usually used by government workers.
i have 2 lines zain and umniah:

zain's advantages:
1-best network signal
2-almost everyone is a user of zain

1-high prices
2-i tried their customer support and i didn't like it

umniah's advatnages:
1-lowest prices
2-lowest international calls prices

1-sometimes the network is very poor but its good enough when you are in the city
*didn't try their customer support

i had internet when i was in jordan...and they have this thing called a download limit....which is another way to scam people..i mean i never heard of that in my life until i went there...and if your watching youtube..and want to let another video load up it cuts your speed in half....jordan is still way behind on internet technology...i mean a download limit come on...thats a joke...and they try to make it better by saying after midnight its free....well i dont use the net after midnight so what do i benefit from it...

moud23 ,I agree with you,it scam,just another way to make money,When I was in the States I never heard of it ??!!
I had  UMNIAH net for 3 years  and I loved it but I am trying new
company calls BLUEZONE...
I have UMNIAH Modem 49JD worth,I don't need it any more since I switch the net if any one wants to buy it for 25 JD please let me know...

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