Credit Card Fraud

I have experienced fraud on my credit card SABB dating back to 2007.
In 2006 I was exiting on my final exit. My card was still active and continued to use it
in South Africa.  I then settled my amount a few months later and destroyed the card.
I had a credit balance of SR30.83. I could not use the card again physically but did not cancel it at the bank. The card was then dormant for 1 year.
Exactly one year later a  transaction was then done in Alkhobar for the minimum amount.
Accounts were sent to my address until the required debt amount was obtained.
8 years later I am contacted with a shock.
I only found out recently when I was contacted via a debt collector.
Anyone had similar experience.
How does one comprehend this?

What you should have done is to the call the bank back in 2007 and tell them that you want the card to be cancelled.  They would have blocked it temporarily and over time, it would have been cancelled.  That way, it could not have been used.

It seems now that the card was active in the bank's system and someone used it.  They kept sending you statements but obviously you were no longer in Saudi. The card then expired (or your Iqama in system showed expired) or the bank blocked it and cancelled the card.  After the amount was not recovered for a certain period, they turned it over to a debt collector.  This is when you were contacted.  It's a pretty standard process for banks.

I suggest you call the bank and try to work it out with them or just pay it off.  The fact that it has gone to a debt collector means that future escalation is likely i.e. you could be marked as financially delinquent on your record which would make getting future visas to Saudi less likely as well as appearing on your history, should you decide to immigrate somewhere (picked up in background checks for financial frauds and bankruptcies).

Unfortunately I destroyed the card and forgot about it as was not planning to use it again. Never dreamed that it could be used.
So I never thought of it again when I destroyed it.
I had no means of knowing it was being used!
Received no forwarded mail or even an email from the bank.

Yeah I understand.  Unfortunately, the banks don't send emails on transactions; only smses.  For pending balances, generally they call and / or send letters - which would have been long after the time you left.

The shocking reality of fraud!

And it's really like that when you dealing with finances, as you can see that too many credit and loan services are trying to scam you this way. And they will, if you won't be careful and not paying attention to the details. I mean, i hope you could still trust local services but i wouldn't go for online or any bigger credit organizations as they tend to work like loansharks.

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