Internation pre-schools in berlin

I am Renuka from India, planning to move to Berlin with my family. To help me arrive at a decision - I would need some inputs. Would really appreciate your help with these queries:

1. My daughter is 2.5 years old.  What are the fees for International Pre-Schools (teaching English) in Berlin?
2. Do international pre-schools also have waiting list ? If yes, How long does it take to get admitted if you are on the waiting list?
3. What are the fees for day-care in international pre-schools in Berlin?
4. Do day-cares also have waiting lists?  How long does it take to get into a day-care if you are on a waiting list?

For such small kids, who still learn languages very quickly and easily, attending a local kindergarten is a great chance to get ahead in life. Why do you want to deny him/her that?
The fees and admission criteria of private (international) kindergartens can be found on their respective webpages. For local ones, contact the Jugendamt or the kindergarten directly.

I don‘t live in Berlin so I cannot give any specific information for there. I would assume such pre-schools exist but another consideration might be a bilingual one. I know such things exist in Stuttgart. Mostly it’s German parents sending their kids there to get a jump start on learning English. But I would think kids speaking English as their first language would get along and be more than welcome. This would be a benefit for the German speakers to communicate with a native English speaker and a chance for your child to better learn German. Like Beppi mentioned, you should look in the internet or ask at the Jugendamt.

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