Wanted some info about this material. Pros and cons and how much it cost.

Though I ended up building with blocks 5 years ago...I regretted not going Covintec.

My second floor addition will use this technology.

The panels are roughly (check for exact measurements) 2.9 m square and can be used for outside/inside walls as well as roofing or second floor. There is even provision for pre-fab stairs...

From what I've learned here are the pros and cons

Pros: Very fast construction, solid, soundproof and fantastic thermal insulation, lightweight and seismically interesting.

Cons: costs (maybe) though if you can get panels at around 1000 cords and have 3-4 guys build your stuff in 5 to seven days; I am willing to think that manpower savings could offset any true costs benefits building with blocks may have.

If you get around to build before I do...let me know how it went

Good luck,

PS: cement costs along with manpower and the panels themselves will be your major costs but the foundations would likely be done the traditional way I imagine. Extras may include renting a small cement mixer machine, additives and tools (special pliers, mortar thrower) to speed the work even more. Do get on the Covintec website there are plenty of useful stuff out there.

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