Need assistance

I am a pastor, I would like to relocate to Mauritius, work with any Pentecostal church there any one to help.


Send your cv.  I am unable to send from the previous thread.


You responded to this ad, could not send the message from that thread. … 59#4115074

Yes I wanted to know your name, the name of your ministry and just a few details of your ministry

I gave my ad for starting a new Church.

rajsag :

I gave my ad for starting a new Church.

Is your church a Pentecostal one ?
or another movement ?

This is what the poster is asking.
What would/is the Christian beliefs of your new  church ?
Jehovah  Witness, Baptists, Methodists, presbyterians. etc etc etc

We are looking for local pastors who are in mauritius already.  appreciated.

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