few economical disponibilities housing

there are momentary accomodations for homeless or helped rooms for little wealthy peofle in Wien?

I'm Simone , I will move to Austria because I decided to study and have a future in medicine . i have 29 years old still arrived and in the country where i live , Italy , I don't see any future . I will find a job , work so hard , learn the local language and uses , integrate , collect some money and study (as I written in my presentation)

in this period will be possible i will not find an accomodation so it's right to evalutate alternative options

thanks so much to eweryone :)

I'm not sure on your question ?

the state provides in someway to help homeless ?
there is the possibility if I find a period without a job that I risk to find myself sleeping on the street ?
The problem is concrete because without a shower and clean clothes it is impossible to find a job!

The state does not provide housing for homeless if it did there would be no homeless. There are some charities that provide shelter but there is not many of them.

In all truth, people should only come to a new country

a) If they have a job
b) If they have enough funds to live on
c) If they have accommodation and someone to fund their stay

My only advise to you, learn the language to at least B2 level and find a job before you move.

You wanna take a homeless person's bed in order for you to study medicine? Wow! I have seen a lot of stupid questions, but this one is really taking the piss.

I'm not programming to be an homeless , I'm evalutating every possible contingence , it is my moral duty , not to start as stupid from here

if you have not answers for me would be respectful to keep silent , thanks.

I would also like to add if the Police should find you sleeping rough, there is a very good chance that they will deport you. Placing you in a detention centre then driving you to the Italian border. Your details would be taken. Although you are an EU citizen, they can still refuse you unless you can provide that you have sufficient funds to support yourself.

So, to summarise.  Should you chose to move to Austria for your studies and suddenly find yourself without cash, you cannot rely on the State to assist you.  No surprise really, I can't think of any country that offers that.

sorry but I don't like to indulge your political recriminations , it seems you really easily misunderstood my answer .

i find this post now unsolvable ; thanks to SimCityAT for the informations

good bye

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