looking to move to BK asap/advice on visas needed:

Hi - I have been coming to Thailand on and off for many years.  I am now in a position whereby to BK or one of the islands (must have good internet connection)  for at the very least a 12 month period.

I work in the software industry for a US company but reside in the UK.  My work is conducted in the main through skype calls and web conferencing - so my plan is to find a house, with good internet comms and work for say 6/8 weeks then travel to meetings in Europe / see family back in UK.  So I would be away for 2 weeks may 3/4 every second month.  I also look after APAC, mainly India and Aus - i don't do any business in Thailand.

WHat visa would I need.  Every web check I've done assumes I would be working for a Thai company.  So quite simple, I want to physically work remotely from BK / Thailand but not do business/trade per se.  My work is looking after partners who use our software.....What should I do what are my options?  I would still be paid in GBP sterling ....

thanks in advance

Based on what you say I would obtain 60 day tourist visa before each trip to Thailand.  You will be able to extend for 30 days if you go over 6-8 week plan to telecommute in country before leaving.  As you say a work permit is required and after a few tourist visa's you might be asked if you are working in Thailand without work permit.

Hi Straydog,

Thank you for your reply.

Two quick questions.
1, If I get a 60 tourist visa, im assuming i need this from an embassy in advance?  The visa you get when you land is for only 30 days - am correct?
2, How would I go about extending the 60 days into a 90 day?  Would I not also be asked why I want to extend?

I'm thinking overall your suggestion is a good idea and do it for two stays only while I assess the over all experience.  It could end up simply not being practical as a way of life / for work etc....and then i do have to wait until retirement ....thanks again

Yes you would obtain tourist visa at embassy in advance.

If you arrive in Thailand without visa you will be given visa exempt entry good for 30 days.  This entry can be extended for 30 days and cost 1900 baht.

Your 60 day tourist visa can be extended at the immigration office in area you are staying and cost 1900 baht.

When doing extensions always do them days early if possible and not on admitted till date stamped in your passport.  It might also be wise to have outbound ticket to show if asked.  The extension application wants address your staying in Thailand and reason for extension.  Make sure you have proof of where you are staying if asked.  Reason for staying will be up to you but I would not mention you do any type of work in Thailand.

get a thai tourist  6 months multiple entry visa from thai embassy or consulate in your country before coming here.    it can be easily extended if you know how to do it.  This visa will allow you to go in and out of Thailand as many time as you need. This visa is easy to get and without any lenghty paperwork to fill out.

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