Good Afternoon to all Expats,

As far as I know at some of the countries people has a solidarity network to help each other for construction issues; one can handle paint jobs, one can handle gardening, one can handle plumping etc; do you know any group at Montenegro at this point?

I will be moving to Montenegro / Danilovgrad app at the end of the year (depends on finish of project and termination of my work contract) after that more than welcome if you need any support from my side for plumping, painting, gardening, decoration, carpenter tasks.

I believe in as with this way we can make our expat life much more easier and much more helpful to each other; what do you think?

All the best from Antalya

This would be a great thing to have on this expat site as sometimes its very difficult to find tradesmen to carry out work especially at certain times in the year.If there was a list of reliable people that could be called on .

I can imagine how it can be diffilcult to find a craftsmen for spesific jobs especially while you are an expat abroad. If there is no delay with the plan, I will be living at Montenegro starting from 2019; more than welcome if my skills needed 🤗

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